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What happens to my skin during pregnancy?

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Women’s body changes during pregnancy. We could suffer cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and immunological changes in our skin but it would be 100% normal. It is not bad at all! It is the natural process that our body perform in order to accommodate safe, healthy and warm our baby.

My advice, enjoy this stage of life. ¡Take a Deep breath and don’t panic!

We can simply classify our physiological skin changes such as:

  1. Changes in coloration (Pigmentation): Melasma and Hyperpigmentation (local or generalized)
  2. Distension: Stretch marks
  3. Changes in vascularization
  4. Hairy changes: Hirsutism and alopecia.

¿What changes will I have in my skin coloration?

The alterations will begin within the first three months of pregnancy, becoming more noticeable at the end of the pregnancy process. 90% of pregnant women have hyperpigmentation or darkening of some areas of the body. One of the first changes that you will start to notice will be the appearance of the linea alba (also called white line or black line) is a dark brown, almost black linear shape that is marked vertically over the entire middle of the abdomen, additionally it will darken your nipple, areola, neck, axillary region, inguinal and genitals.

If you see any alteration in the face, do not worry, it is normal since between 50% and 70% of women experience a darkening (hyperpigmentation) type “spots” called melasma or chloasma, these usually appear on the facial region locating in the center of the face, perhaps also could occur on cheekbones and chin, tending to disappear a year after childbirth, I would like to co, do not always disappear as 30% of women are left with these imperfections as a result of pregnancy.

The changes in the pigmentation of our body are due to the effect of the placenta, a source of estrogen and progesterone which, in turn, are great stimulators of the melanocytes, cells that give color to our skin.

What changes generates Distention in my skin?

The most common one is over distention. Stretching appears as the baby grows, causing rose and purple atrophic bands, they are called stretch marks. Between 80% and 90% use to suffer from this disturbances and women can notices even more during the final phase of pregnancy and they will be more visible over the lower region of abdomen.

Why is the increase of your blood vessels?

Pregnancy increases blood volume. Dilates, and make vessels more permeable because of the estrogen and some other factors that stimulate the production of new vessels. Giving as a result changes in the 60% of pregnancy women. Changes such as:

  • Increase, sensitivity and easy bleeding in the gums, commonly called gingivitis of pregnancy.
  • More than 50% of women can have swelling of the face, especially on the eyelids, hands and legs, and inflammation of the vulva (Major lips and minor lips) can occur due to the great vascular congestion, it is usually a bit painful and uncomfortable and it is accentuated in the post-partum or post-cesarean section, but you must not freak out! You will recover within a period of 48 hours after giving birth.
  • The appearance or worsening of varicose veins in legs, genital area and hemorrhoids is another common sign and up to 67% of women have new spider-shaped veins during the second and fifth months of pregnancy.
  • Redness of the palms (palmar erythema)
  • Instability of the vasomotor system causing on the skin, intolerance to heat and sometimes redness.

¿Do you see changes in your hair?

The Growth of your hair in head, arms, face, line alba and back. They will be a common sign due to endocrine changes during pregnancy. They will return to normality during the next 6 months of post partum period.

Hair loss during post partum period is 100% natural because hormonal changes revert and you will present a decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels. In addition, there is stress and the normal blood loss produced by the baby’s birth. Hair follicle gets to normal after one year of birth.


CHANGES IN NAILS: During Pregnancy, brightness and growth increases in nails. Although, It depends on your health and nutrition habits. Because is theses are insufficient, you could have brittle nails during gestation. It you notice this, is important to pay special attention because could be an alarm of lack of vitamins.

ACNE: Sebaceous glands, increases its activity specially during the last pregnancy trimester. This influences according to how your body response to hyperadrogenism. It can get better or worse, it depends on how your body response to hormones.

There are lots of changes produces during pregnancy. According to how you take care of yourself, and how your organism functioning. You will present Those changes in a high or low way. Remember these changes are in order to the wellness and growth of your baby. Some of them are clearly uncomfortable, but you should give priority to your baby’s health. Most of the will vanish partially or completely after birth. My advice is, enjoy this wonderful phase not being worried but always being informed.


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